Jason Statham learned how to control sharks while filming 'The Meg'.

The 51-year-old actor's new film tells the story of a research crew who become stuck at the bottom of the ocean, and risk being killed by a 22-metre-long prehistoric shark called Megalodon, and Jason has now revealed what he learned about working with bull sharks during the shoot.

He shared: ''These things don't mess about. If they want to get nasty, they get nasty. Take some tuna heads in a nice little bag, and a chain mail glove. And feed them.''

Director Jon Turteltaub believes Jason was the perfect actor for 'The Meg'.

Speaking to USA Today newspaper, he explained: ''When people hear 'giant shark movie,' they either say, 'I like it,' or roll their eyes.

''To make a giant shark movie have cinema quality, you need someone like Jason Statham. He grounds it, making the movie more believable, not more silly.''

Meanwhile, Jason - who represented England in the Commonwealth games in 1993 for diving - previously claimed that his background made him a suitable choice for the movie.

He said: ''I've been around swimming pools my whole life, and I learned to scuba dive when I made the first 'Transporter' with Luc Besson.

''I had an unorthodox lesson with a military free diver- someone who worked with Luc when he was making the big blue. I really got hooked, so I thought 'if I can get paid to do this and make a good story.'''