Professional bodybuilder Gladys filed official papers in Los Angeles in March (15) to end their marriage, but she has since had a change of heart, according to Van Damme.

When asked about the divorce proceedings, the Belgian martial arts star suggests the couple is working out its differences for the sake of its two adult children.

He tells, "The JCVD family is strong, the kids are strong, the wife is strong.

"Well, you know, so much divorce around the world and it's very bad for the children, that's the problem. Couples, they have to work their stuff together, no matter what they have to do. I've been divorcing before, it's not funny. If people can stick together like the old times... the value will come back."

He continues, "Divorce is a word and love is a feeling. It's very hard to mix both... Of course we love each other."

The couple was previously wed for five years until 1992, but divorced after Van Damme had an affair with actress Darcy LaPier, who he went on to wed in 1994.

They subsequently split and Van Damme rekindled his romance with his first wife, Gladys, in 1999.