The 72-year-old, who plays transgender parent Maura Pfefferman in award-winning TV series Transparent, praised Caitlyn Jenner last year (15) when she transitioned from Bruce and publicly spoke about her battle in the press and on reality TV.

However, while he believes Caitlyn has done well in publicising the struggles transgender people face, Jeffrey adds it's wrong to consider her the figurehead of the community because she isn't representative of the majority due to her wealth and fame.

"Not everyone in the transgender community looks like Caitlyn, has as much money as Caitlyn, has as much power, obviously don't have TV shows, but with her story, with her knowledge, with her courage, there's a phrase - she floats all boats," he told the Press Association.

"I don't think she's a figurehead and I don't think she's come out as a figurehead and that's where the mistake would be. She's just a person. I'm for her," he continued. "It's about people. The publicity of it sheds light on the stories and that's the good part of it."

Jeffrey was speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) over the weekend (10-11Sep16), where the first few episodes of Transparent season three were screened. Caitlyn is set to appear as a guest star in a dream sequence.

During the chat, Jeffrey revealed he went out in public dressed as his Transparent character while preparing for the role, and he made sure to channel the nervousness he felt in his portrayal.

He caught the attention of one passerby, and the incident will stay with him forever.

"I'll never forget that smirk on that person's face," he sighed. "It changed me and I thought, 'that's what it looks like, that's quite ugly.'"

The upcoming series airs on streaming service Amazon Prime from 23 September (16).