Jennifer Aniston admits creating her own TV show is a ''dream''.

The 50-year-old actress stars in and executive produces 'The Morning Show', with the help of her long-time showbiz pal Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer has confessed to relishing the challenge of creating the drama series.

Speaking to E! News, she enthused: ''It's just a dream. It was an absolute dream to be able to get in there in all aspects of the creative process.

''I mean, we've been doing it for so, so long, it sort of comes as second nature.''

Reese, 43, is similarly enthusiastic about the project, which has been developed for Apple TV.

She shared: ''You accumulate all this life experience ... and you're like, 'I know how to run a team. I know how to be a supportive player. I know when to be a producer part of myself and when I need to just concentrate on the acting piece.'''

Jennifer also revealed she enjoyed trying to balance acting with her executive producing responsibilities.

She said: ''I like that, I kind of like juggling.

''I like knowing everything, like, everything. It's sort of like seeing unanswered emails on a phone.''

Meanwhile, Reese recently claimed that streaming services have transformed the lives of women who are working in the TV and movie businesses.

The Oscar-winning actress believes the rise of streaming services is a blessing for women within the industry, which has historically been dominated by men.

She explained: ''Jen and I are uniquely positioned.

''We had success within one iteration of Hollywood, but streaming services using data to discover what people want to watch has changed my entire career and allowed women to be valued in a way we never have before.''