The public’s fascination with famous women’s bodies was taken to an alarming degree this week, when a rumour began circling that Jennifer Garner was pregnant with her fourth child. The rumour has now been debunked, apparently.

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner wore loose clothes over the weekend. Why is this news again?

Over the weekend, rumours started circulating of a fourth pregnancy for Garner, who is already mother to Violet (5), Seraphima (4) and Samuel (2). Allegedly, the whole thing started when the actress was spotted over the weekend, rocking some loose tops around town. Yes, that really is all it takes for the rumour mill to start churning.

The rumour was apparently started by an "insider", speaking for Star Magazine and then spread around by various news outlets and gossip hubs. The gossip has been going around since the end of July, but there doesn't appear to be any truth to it. 

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However, TMZ Fcites Garner’s rep Meredith O’Sullivan, who said, in no uncertain terms, that the Alias actress is not expecting. Gossip Cop was the first website to debunk the pregnancy rumours, citing a rep in their report from July 30th, although the claims kept circulating around various gossip sites and news outlets.


So here it is, the final word – for now, at least – Jennifer Garner is not pregnant. Sorry, gossip hunters. No story here.

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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner
Affleck and Garner already have three young children together.