Jennifer Garner's chicken has died.

The 47-year-old actress took to Instagram on Thursday (08.08.19) to reveal that her pet fowl, Gonnyi - an Olive Egger breed - has passed away.

Jennifer shared a video of herself and Gonnyi and wrote: ''Yesterday we said goodbye to our sweet Olive Egger, Gonnyi. Thanks to my daughter's consistent loving care, this chicken lived a very good life. #soyouthinkyoucanfarm #butyoustillneedavet #prolapsedrectum #RIPGonnyi (sic).''

And she revealed that Gonnyi's cause of death was ''a prolapsed rectum and another undetermined mass in her nether regions''.

She tells the chicken: ''I think this might be goodbye, so good luck. God be with you. You've been a very nice chicken.''

The video Jennifer uploaded first shows her bringing Gonnyi to the vet and as they make their way inside she notices some employees eating chicken.

She says in the video: ''Don't look now, but the vet techs are eating Chick-fil-A.''

Jennifer previously revealed that she was having trouble with her hens when she tried to add to her flock and one of them turned on the newcomers.

She said: ''They're so fun. They're such nice pets until they get mad at each other.

''We had six chickens, we got seven new ones, babies...We decided to introduce them, and Captain Hook, one of our older chickens, was not nice.

''She started trying to attack and kill the new chickens, specifically Hennifer and so we got a small coup to protect the new ones.

''I finally said to Captain Hook, 'Look here girl you have got to shape up or it's gonna be solitary isolation, and they're all gonna be having the run of the coup and watching you in here.''

Unfortunately, Jennifer's pep talk wasn't enough to make Captain Hook change her ways.

Asked if Hook stopped trying to attack, the actress admitted: ''No. Not yet.''

Previously, Jennifer mourned the loss of her beloved chicken, Regina George, who passed away from ''natural causes'' in March 2018.

The actress named the bird after the 'Mean Girls' character of the same name, played by Rachel McAdams, and she loved to take her feathered friend on walks.

Announcing that Regina had gone to the big bird house in the sky on her Instagram account, Jennifer posted a video tribute to the chicken and wrote: ''Please enjoy this tribute to Chicken Regina George who passed away from natural causes. #shewasourfavorite #RIP #shelivedagoodlife [sic]''

The post also featured a picture of the unfortunate chicken's grave, with a plaque which read ''R.I.P. Regina George. July 9 2017 - March 20, 2018.''