Jennifer Lawrence is very good at kissing according to Amy Adams.

The 'American Hustle' stars smooched for a scene in the 1970s crime drama and Amy was impressed with her co-star's peachy lips.

Speaking on US TV show Extra, she said: ''She does a great job at it [kissing]. She has very soft lips.''

Amy, 39, has also said she enjoyed making the movie with her 23-year-old co-star as they were able to create a different vibe on-screen to when she appears with men.

She said: ''I rarely get to work with other women. I got to act with Jennifer, and I thought, 'This is the most fun I have had in so long.' Not because I don't like acting with men, but because there's an energy created when two young women go at each other, or are able to create intimacy.''

Meanwhile, Jennifer loved acting violent scenes with her co-star.

She added:''Getting to fight with Amy was just the funniest, we'd just be cracking up. They'd call 'Cut!' and we'd just start laughing.''

When it comes to fights between the male and female characters, Amy has previously said how one scene between her and Bradley Cooper ended up with him being a little worse off than he bargained for.

She explained: ''Bradley's yelling, 'Hit me, hit me', So I did. And his face started swelling.

''It really started swelling in real life and I said, 'I certainly hope you have [the shot] because I think Bradley needs some ice. I felt very badly about that.''