Jennifer Lawrence found shooting 'American Hustle' ''so real''.

The 23-year-old actress portrays a drunken housewife in the crime drama - which also stars Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner - and says the atmosphere on set was very ''character-driven''.

She said: ''It's all character-driven. Everything, all of it. The costumes, the lighting is all 360 so that we never stop, so there never is my close-up, your close-up. All of it is so real.''

Director David O. Russell enjoyed making unexpected casting choices for the movie as he believes offering actors something new will ''challenge'' them, and ''surprise'' the audience, making it a more enjoyable cinematic experience.

He told MTV News: ''I want to give them a chance to do something they've never done before, which is going to make them very inspired, if challenged, and you want to surprise audiences.

''I love the showmanship of surprising audiences with new characters. That's why I make the films.''

Lawrence recently revealed her accent in the film was inspired by watching 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'.

She said: ''I can't tell where [the accent] came from because I just kind of started speaking in it, and I've been watching a lot of reality TV shows and those reality TV shows have a lot of New Jersey women, so I can't say that it's not from them. I wish I could.''