Jennifer Lopez found performing alongside her daughter at the Super Bowl to be ''emotional''.

The 50-year-old star appeared alongside her 11-year-old daughter Emme at the sporting extravaganza in Miami, Florida, and Jennifer relished the experience.

After watching a clip of their on-stage performance, the 'Jenny from The Block' hitmaker said: ''I got emotional because we did, we worked so hard.

''We started rehearsing in November for my set. It was just, every single day ... it's a short amount of time. You know what I mean, but so much goes into that moment.

''But it's hundreds of people, they put that stage together in seven minutes and then you get on it, and you rock. It's just crazy. It is such a big deal. And I'm just glad everybody liked it! That's why I got emotional.''

Jennifer also hailed her daughter's fearlessness, revealing she wasn't remotely overawed by the occasion.

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', she explained: ''She doesn't let it in her mind how big [the performance] is or how it scares you.

''That's what you have to do when you're up there, you know - you kind of have to [have] control. She has that gene, that gene of 'I'm comfortable up here...' I wish I felt more like her.

''She has a good time with it and I would never make her do it if it ever made her uncomfortable in any way.''

Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez - Jennifer's fiance - previously hailed her ''empowering'' performance at the Super Bowl.

The retired sports star said that Jennifer's performance was especially significant for Latino women in the USA.

He explained: ''An enormous moment.

''First of all, with 60 million Latinos in the United States, it's amazing. Representing all the Latino women, it's really empowering ... it's about equality. It's about so much.''