Jennifer Lopez will be handed the Spotlight Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

The 'Hustlers' star will be honoured at the Film Festival's Film Awards Gala on January 2, 2020, for her work in the movie.

Festival Chairman, Harold Matzner, said: ''Jennifer Lopez is a star in every sense of the word, and you will experience this in her latest film Hustlers. Starting with her show-stopping entrance Jennifer brings to life the character of Ramona, an exotic dancer, who leads a group of dancer friends to steal money from their clients. For this full-force yet grounded performance, deserving of awards consideration, we are thrilled to present Jennifer Lopez with this year's Spotlight Award.''

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously admitted she is ''flattered'' by the Oscar buzz surrounding her movie 'Hustlers'.

She said:''To wake up to that today was like, 'OK!' Obviously, I'm flattered. You work so hard your whole career ... I've done so many movies and I've done so many roles that I've learned to not do them for anything except that I love doing them ...

''It brings tears to your eyes. It's like, oh! Somebody liked what I did! I love doing this and it doesn't matter, but it does matter - it does make you feel like all my hard work is being recognised, and that's nice.''

Jennifer was also thrilled to work with a female cast and crew.

The 50-year-old actress and singer shared: ''It had all women producers and a woman director and a woman writer and an all-woman cast, and a woman editor. We really went deep. And you don't see that often. I've made, I don't know how many movies, 30 or 40 movies in my career, and this was the first time that happened. So it was a pretty special unicorn event. It's great that it's being received in the way it is. It shows we can not only make a good movie but we can also make a successful movie that makes money. That matters in this business. So that was an amazing thing to be a part of.''