Jennifer Lopez wants her daughter to know she doesn't need a man.

The 'Hustlers' actress - who has 11-year-old twins Emme and Max with her ex-husband Marc Anthony - has opened up about what she learned from her stripper and entrepreneur character Romana in the big screen drama, and how she will pass those lessons on.

She told the New York Times: ''I love that you never see Ramona with a man. Except when she's in the club or working. When you do certain roles, you realise something about yourself.

''I've always been so much a romantic, so much about having a relationship, and this woman is the total opposite.

''And to play that, to live in those shoes, to walk in those very high heels, in that skin, made me realise I'm out here on my own. That's what I need to teach my daughter, that aspect of it, that you can do it on your own. Women are not taught that all the time.''

Meanwhile, the 50-year-old superstar recently revealed she is fully behind her daughter's dream to become a singer.

J-Lo - who was joined on stage by her daughter for a duet of 'Limitless' when she brought her 'It's My Party' tour to Los Angeles in June - said Emme ''can accomplish anything''.

She previously said: ''I want her to know she's limitless. Performing a duet with her on tour this summer was such a proud moment for me and I know she can accomplish anything if there's a passion behind it.''

Emme's dad Marc has also publicly stated he is completely behind her singing ambitions as long she wants to launch a music career ''because she likes it'' and not because she wants to be famous.

The 'You Sang To Me' hitmaker said: ''Music was a big part of my life growing up and I hope it does the same for [Emme] as it has done for me. And if that is what she wants to do ... well, she should do it because she likes it, not because she has to. Not for fame, or popularity, or for likes.''