Jennifer Lopez just wants her children to be ''good people''.

The 50-year-old singer-and-actress won't be putting any pressure on 11-year-old Max and Emme - her twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony - to follow particular career paths as she just wants them to be happy and confident.

She said: ''I don't care what they want to be.

''I just want them to be happy, fulfilled and to love themselves.

''They don't dance, but they both sing.

''They're adorable. I just want them to be good people.''

The 'Hustlers' actress - who is engaged to Alex Rodriguez - admitted her kids played a key part when she was looking for a new partner.

She explained to Britain's OK! magazine: ''Everything is about my kids. You want somebody around who understands children, who really cares.

''You can't have any random, selfish person come into your life when you have kids. No way.''

Jennifer credits her mother for her own strong work ethic because she was raised not to let her gender hold her back.

She said: ''My mum grew up in a generation where women were emancipating themselves from the traditional woes of getting married at 20 and the idea that having kids was all that you could do.

''My mum didn't want that for us. She would say, 'You can do anything you want to do, you just have to work hard. You can have any job a man has.' That's how we were raised.''

But the 'On the Floor' hitmaker is only ''competitive'' with herself.

She said: ''I'm a competitive person, but only with myself, I love other women,

''The relationships in my life I value the most are with my girlfriends.

''I resent the stereotype that women fight.

''I think we support each other and hold each other up.

''It's the women in our lives who get us through.''