Jennifer Saunders says she's currently unemployed.

The 60-year-old actress - who is married to fellow comedian-and-writer Ade Edmondson - admits for the ''first time in ages'' she isn't actively working on any projects and has no plans to write anything anytime soon.

Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, she said: ''I have nothing on and have nothing planned. For the first time in ages.''

Jennifer brought her booze-soaked sitcom 'Absolutely Fabulous' to the big screen back in 2016 appearing as eccentric PR Eddie Monsoon opposite Joanna Lumley as her booze-fuelled pal Patsy Stone.

The pair did team up for recent documentary 'Joanna and Jennifer: Absolutely Champers' in which they went to the Champagne region of France to see how the fizzy alcoholic drink is made, but that won't be making a return to screens.

Jennifer said: ''It was fun, I had a great time, loads of champagne, but we won't do any more filming, I'll just continue drinking! Cheers!''

Although it seems unlikely that there will be more episodes of 'Absolutely Fabulous', Joanna insists she'll always be open to playing Patsy and she admits that when she and Jennifer were making that documentary the shadows of Eddie and Patsy loomed large in the background.

The 72-year-old actress previously said: ''I have a funny feeling that we made this lovely show last year about going to the Champagne region. Somebody had to! Just Jennifer and I went. Of course Edina and Patsy were lurking behind us all the time. Everything we did had them as shadows and we thought 'We haven't let go of them yet. They haven't been buried like old carcasses in their sarcophagus.'

''Some of these people are so beautifully made that when you have invested yourself into them you've kind of merged into them and you can't really shake them off. They come with you.''