Jennifer Tilly almost starved on the set of her first Chinese movie because she found the local delicacies in the mountain village where she was filming hard to stomach. The BOUND star attempted to make the most of the local cuisine but struggled with chewy pig intestines and bone marrow. The actress explains, "We would leave it to ALICIA, my little translator, to order things... and we'd say very very clearly, 'Beef, lamb, squash, onions.' "So, the beef would come and we'd recognise that... and then weird things would come like a plate of slippery white stuff, and I'd go, 'What is that..?' and Alicia goes, 'Bone marrow.' "Then, another thing they put in the middle of the pot; I thought it was mushrooms, they let me believe that... it was little shrivelled-up brown things. "I said, 'What kind of mushrooms is this (sic)?' and they said, 'Not mushrooms, how you say intestine of pig.' "They also have a thing called a famine cookie... You bite into one of those there (and) inside is like twigs and weeds but they're flavoured with fish scales... They eat everything up there. "I think I might have lost a little weight."