Pop beauty Jenny Frost has serious problems with her vocal chords, which could end her singing career unless she has an urgent throat operation.

The former Atomic Kitten has damaged her throat by shouting over music in clubs, failing to warm up during her tour with Atomic Kitten and rushing straight to the bar after the performances and this week (ends06JUL04) is having surgery on her tonsils and vocal chords which she hopes will rescue the launch of her solo career.

Frost reveals, "I've got nodules on my vocal chords and the old tonsils are going to have to be ripped out. I've always had problems with my throat because when I go out I'm often shouting over the music, and that's not good for a singer.

"Atomic Kitten sang live every night on tour, which a lot of people don't do. But you've got to learn to warm up properly and warm down afterwards and then not go straight to the bar after you've come off stage. I kept forgetting that bit."

02/08/2004 21:32