ATOMIC KITTEN singer Jenny Frost finds hanging around Daniel Bedingfield "strange" - because he's infatuated with her bandmate Liz Mcclarnon's hair.

Atomic Kitten and fellow British pop star Bedingfield have met at numerous industry events, and Frost claims he cannot stop stroking McClarnon's mane.

Frost says, "He's just a bit strange. I think he fancies Liz and whenever we see him, he goes on and on about her hair.

"I think he's got a bit of a hair fetish. He strokes her hair, and she'll be like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

"We keep thinking we'll find him in our dressing room, pulling hair out of her hairbrush. Possibly to try and clone her. Who knows? He's a clever boy, it could be happening."

08/10/2004 17:18