Jenny Frost ''felt really down'' after having the Mirena coil removed.

The former Atomic Kitten star had the contraceptive device removed from her body after five years and she admits the change left her suffering from the ''Mirena crash'' as her system struggled to adjust to the fertility suppressing hormones being removed.

In an interview in the latest issue of New! magazine, she said: ''I had the Mirena coil removed after five years and I had some side effects. I felt really, really down. I got really sad and angry - it was a complete roller coaster of mood swings. I did some research and some people have called it the Mirena crash.

''It's been dripping this hormone on a daily basis for five years and all of a sudden it's taken away and your body starts firing all these hormones at the wrong pace.''

The 41-year-old singer also revealed that when she researched the ''Mirena Crash'' online she found stories of women who had experienced the same difficulties she had done.

She said: ''It got to the point where I'd be having a conversation with someone and I'd have to run to the toilet and projectile vomit.

''My boobs were massive. I felt like I had mastitis. There's lots of forums where people talk about the Mirena detox, which people do before they have it removed, and it's said to soften the effects of what I went through.

''I asked the gynaecologist if there would be any side effects of what I went through. I asked the gynaecologist if there would be any side effects getting the coil removed and she said no.

''When I posted on my Insta stories about what had happened to me, I had hundreds of messages from women who'd had exactly the same experience.''

Jenny has a son Caspar, 11, with her former fiancé Dominic Thrupp, and six-year-old twin daughters Blake and Nico with her husband Vicente Juan Spiteri.

'The Last Goodbye' hitmaker had the coil put in just after she had her two girls but even at the start she had problems with it because she started ''to lose her hair'' and suffer mood swings shortly after it was fitted.

She said: ''Towards the end of 2013. I'd just had the girls. You can have it for five years. I had it on the recommendation of my gynaecologist. I'd been on the pill before that, which didn't massively agree with me. When I had the coil fitted, I was suffering with postnatal depression. About six months after having the coil, I started to lose my hair and my moods were more up and down than usual. I put the symptoms down to postnatal depression, which I had for nearly two years, but now after doing research, I've read one of the side effects of Mirena is hair loss.''