The 50-year-old actor has spent a great deal of time in London over the last few years as he's appeared in UK TV show Mr Selfridge, about the man who started the iconic Oxford Street store. He's become knowledgeable about the differences between Brits and Americans, most notably the kind of nights out they enjoy.

"There's a responsibility to carrying a show and I take that seriously, so as a result I may have one tequila and not six," he told Britain's Hello! magazine. "But people in this country can get a little offended when you say you don't want another drink. People here are more resilient. I think they feel that if you've got a hangover, you're a rock star. To me, it's just a celebration of pain."

The latest season of the programme is due to air in the UK in January (16), and it will see Jeremy's character aged around 70. He jokes this gave him the perfect opportunity to go out more, as he had to look older while on set anyway.

"I haven't had time to play while I've been here. I'm not complaining, I just haven't been able to indulge in it," he insisted. "If I was a method actor, I'd be out caning it every night. I'm meant to look older, so I could come in completely beat up."

That's not to say the star never indulges in nights at bars and clubs. In the summer of 2015 he was in the UK and enjoyed an evening at celebrity hotspot Soho House, attending for a relaxed dinner. By chance another star's birthday bash was being held there, with celebrities such as Kate Moss in attendance. Jeremy wasn't there for the event but got photographed anyway, and joked he didn't mind as it made him look as if he was "very fabulous".