The Entourage star, 50, had parked his Cadillac near Los Angeles' The Grove, but as he opened the car door, it struck 35-year-old Erick Netterblad, knocking him and his bike to the ground.

Netterblad was hospitalised with a cut to his chest, which required several stitches, and he was discharged from doctors' care five hours later.

Piven was questioned by police about the incident, but he was not ticketed, and now he has been given more good news as the cyclist has no intention of taking legal action, either.

Netterblad tells he immediately recognised the actor from Entourage, and admits it was rather "surreal" looking up at the star as he crashed to the ground.

He claims Piven was more than helpful, calling for an ambulance and reporting the incident to police, while also rescuing his bicycle from the road, and getting him water. The star also didn't leave Netterblad's side until he was en route to the hospital, according to his star-struck victim.

Piven has yet to comment on the accident.