Jeremy Piven won't be sued after striking a cyclist with his car door.

The 50-year-old actor parked his 2015 CTS Cadillac outside Los Angeles shopping centre The Grove on Tuesday (19.07.16) and flung open his car door, striking Erick Netterblad, who was peddling along, and cutting his chest open.

But Erick - who recognised Jeremy from 'Entourage' as he crashed to the ground - insisted he won't be seeking damages over his ordeal because he found the actor to be very helpful.

He told TMZ that Jeremy called police and an ambulance, rescued his bike from the road and got him water.

When Erick, 35, wanted to lie down, the 'Mr. Selfridge' star advised him not too, instead getting him to sit in the shade, and stayed by his side until the ambulance left.

The victim had several stitches to his wound, but left hospital five hours after being admitted.

Police sources previously said they believed the incident was Jeremy's fault, but he wasn't issued with a ticket as there were no witnesses, and they did say that he was compliant.

Earlier this year, Jeremy revealed he is still struggling with the effects of mercury poisoning.

The actor was contaminated with the toxic metal after eating a lot of sushi prior to 2008 and the serious illness - which can cause death - subsequently forced him to drop out of Broadway show 'Speed-the-Plow'.

But he revealed he's been undergoing a complicated medical procedure called ''chelating'' ever since, which involves administering a form of acid to the body, which stops arsenic, lead, uranium, plutonium and other forms of toxic metal poisoning in its tracks.

He said: ''I've been chelating my blood for the past eight years. I haven't been 100 percent since then . . . When that was going on, I was unable to function and it was scary as s**t.''

Other extreme side effects of chelating include cancer, neuro-developmental disorder from toxicity, dehydration, low blood calcium and harm to kidneys.