The 62-year-old comedian attended the Emmys on Sunday (18Sep16) for the first time in 19 years, and had some sobering advice for his fellow comedians.

"I don't like all the cursing in comedy," he told "It makes it too easy for the comedians. I think we should work harder. It's a style thing but most young people would never consider not swearing in their shows, but I think it can help your material."

Seinfeld was nominated for an Outstanding Variety Talk Series trophy for his popular webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but lost out on the prize to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

"I don't know why I'm here," he joked while walking the red carpet with wife Jessica. "I'm not on television. My show is on the Internet!"

His webseries has attracted comedians including Ricky Gervais, Larry David, Mel Brooks, Chris Rock and Tina Fey, but Jerry has a few ideas for some guest stars who he thinks would be hilarious.

"Gwyneth (Paltrow) is really funny," he says. "And Jay Z, I bet would be funny too."

And the iconic funnyman thinks his 1990s comedy series Seinfeld would still be a hit today, joking it would be "huge," "gigantic" and "monstrous" even if it wasn't on network TV.

"Good is good - bad is bad," he explained. "I think if anything's good, people find it. Every once and awhile, something good doesn't get seen and fails. But most of the time, if you give the public a chance, they will make a judgement if something is good or not."

Seinfeld, who won an Emmy for playing the titular character in his self-titled show back in 1994, manages to avoid watching any episodes when they're re-run on U.S. television, and compared his four years on the comedy series to high school.

"You ever pull out your high school yearbook and say, 'Yeah - let me relive those four years! That's great,'" he joked. "I do love the show. But when you're really, really in something? You kind of have to let it go."