The Seinfeld star's quirky online show revolves around the comic chatting to funny pals about their habits and quirks over coffee after picking them up in classic cars, but last month (Dec15), he was granted the opportunity to chat with the world leader at the White House.

The episode, in which they drive around the grounds of the President's Washington, D.C. home in a 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe, aired as the show's season seven premiere on 30 December (15), and Jerry is still amazed his random request was actually approved.

He reveals the huge coup was only made possible by his producer, Tammy Johnston, and the contacts and fixers she has amassed as one of the brains behind the U.S. presidential debates.

"We were sitting around one day, and we were joking," Jerry told talk show host Stephen Colbert. "I was joking, 'Why don't we get the President on the show?' She goes, 'You want me to call him?' I said, 'Yeah, go ahead, call him!' And they said, 'We were hoping you would call. We wanted to do the show!'"

"He (Obama)'s funny; I always thought he was funny," Jerry continues. "There's not a lot of funny presidents."

However, the comedian feels sorry for President Obama because he literally cannot leave the grounds of the White House without prior security approvals and planning from the Secret Service.

Jerry says, "Here's my impression of the White House: I was hanging around there and I was talking to him (on the show), and then we try and leave, and they don't let him leave. He can't leave... unless it's all organised with guns and helicopters...!

"So he's like a guy captured by aliens, and the aliens bring him back to their planet, and they keep him there... It's a tough gig!"

Fans witnessed the tough restrictions on the President themselves as they tuned into the series premiere, which included a scene in which Obama tried and failed to seek Secret Service clearance to take the Corvette for a spin on the roads around the White House. As a result, he and Seinfeld had to satisfy themselves by riding around the vast grounds of the President's official residence and then hitting the cafe area for a coffee.