The actor plays a zombie hunter in the new action film and admits he took care of "99 per cent" of his own stunts - something he now regrets.

"There was a lot of wear and tear on the body," he tells Access Hollywood Live. "I actually had to get knee surgery after this film. It was a pre-existing injury that really got exacerbated on this movie and I actually had to get a piece of bone removed from underneath my patella tendon."

Jesse admits he constantly had to battle to do his own stunts on set, revealing producers and director Pat Williams begged him to let his stunt double step in.

"You got to get in there and be like, 'This is my movie, I'm doing this stunt!'"

And the former Desperate Housewives hunk hopes his hard work pays off in the gaming world - he wants to be a character in the Dead Walking video franchise.