Jessie Ware admitted touring with a young baby has left her ''feeling dead''.

The 33-year-old singer- who has a 14-month-old daughter with her husband Sam - admitted it was a ''romantic idea'' that the family could travel the world without help but she's finding it tough because she has little time to rest.

Asked how it all works, she said: ''I mean, it's just not. But it will.

''She's wonderful, but it's hard. I'm exhausted.

''We've all had the stomach bug. We were in hospital with her the night before we flew to America. I was vomiting before the San Francisco show.

''There's no possibility to f***ing rest. I'm on the biggest adrenalin comedown from being a new mum, writing a new record, promoting it, to now feeling dead.

''It's fine, but it's eye-opening.''

However, Jessie is determined to push through and make a success of her career.

She told Grazia magazine: ''I don't know why I have to utter it under my breath but I'm ambitious.

''I care about my career and I knew I had to work. And yet I had a baby!

''I don't know why I f***ing did but I did it. I'm not gonna fall now.''

But the 'Say You Love Me' singer believes being a parent gave her a new ''focus'' when it came to working on her new album, 'Glasshouse'.

She said: ''Motherhood was essential to that. It gave me such focus.

''If I'm gonna be away from my baby I would make sure it was gonna work.

''I knew what I wanted to do more than ever. There was this decisiveness. Like, 'Cool, I've decided to have a child while making my third record, I'm nowhere near as successful as I could be. I haven't achieved what I want to achieve... whatever that is.' ''