Jessie Ware says becoming a mother has made her more ''honest'' with her music.

The 33-year-old star gave birth to her daughter - whom she has with husband Sam Burrows - in September 2016, and motherhood allowed her to get more personal on her 2017 LP 'Glasshouse', which features the track 'Sam' about her family.

Jessie explained: ''I really felt I was improving as a songwriter as I had all this inspiration and I could be so honest.

''Things changed and I had a lot of new feelings to write about.

''It's been really wonderful and cathartic to see these songs out and be taken back to that place, it's really like a memory book.''

Jessie worked with Ed Sheeran on 'Sam', and would love to get the opportunity again after he helped her find her confidence on the record.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I'd love more work with Ed. He's a friend and he's been so good to me, I've learnt a lot so hopefully we can keep working together.''

The brunette beauty previously admitted she wouldn't have been able to pen such a ''confessional'' track without the 'Shape of You' hitmaker's help, and that it would have been impossible to do before having her little girl.

She spilled: ''Ed is so gifted and helped me find the confidence I needed.

''I adore writing with him. He said it was important for me to address how my life was changing - that I was to be a mother and that it was phenomenal.

''I wouldn't have been able to write this sort of song before I had the baby.

''But I also don't think I was ready to write a confessional song until this third record.''

The 'Say You Love Me' singer penned the track with Ed when she was eight months pregnant and the songwriter really pushed her to be honest on the track.

She said previously: ''Ed could see that I was ready to pop, and so he was like, 'Let's go there.'

''The father line, he definitely pushed. I said, I don't know, am I p***ing my father off? He said, if it feels uncomfortable, maybe you should be doing it. And so I went for it.''