Jessie Ware is writing a book using her phone.

The 34-year-old singer - who has a two-year-old daughter and a 10-week-old son with her husband Sam Burrows - is compiling a recipe collection based on her popular 'Table Manners' podcast, but life with a newborn means she's having to fit in writing around his feeding habits.

She told Grazia: ''We're writing a 'Table Manners' book as a result of our podcast, which is going to be recipes that we've mentioned on the podcast as well as some new ones - we're not trained chefs but people always ask for the recipes.

''I've been writing it on my phone in the middle of the night since I had my son, which isn't ideal, but I can't type on my laptop one-handed.''

Writing the book on the device means Jessie has been able to curb the online shopping habit she developed when her daughter was a baby.

She said: ''I am absolutely s**t at trying to detach from my phone before be. I scroll through Instagram too much and I hate myself for it after.

''But, I've been doing less Amazon spending with this baby than I did with the last one, which I do when I'm bored and my phone is in my hand.''

The 'Sweet Talk' hitmaker admitted her evening time has changed a lot since welcoming her son into the world.

She explained: ''In the evenings, I love to have a glass of wine but I can't at the moment because I'm breastfeeding, obviously...

''There is no night-time routine when you have a newborn baby. Nope. I am at the mercy of a little person.''