Jim Carrey got into the dark mindset of his latest movie character by listening to the thumping sounds of Nine Inch Nails and German industrial rockers EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN. The actor asked THE NUMBER 23 director Joel Schumacher to help him come up with an iPod tracklist that would help him get into the tormented mind of his obsessed and insane character WALTER SPARROW for dark scenes in the film. So Schumacher commissioned a hardcore goth-rock expert to create a selection of tracks which Carrey could pump through his headphones in between takes. According to production notes, these tracks included Nine Inch Nails' MR SELF DESTRUCT, VANADIUM I CHING by Einsturzende Neubauten, SKINNY PUPPY's ADDICTION and Slipknot's WAIT + BLEED. A set source says, "Jim often uses music to help him get into character and this pounding industrial rock really helped him create a dark and manic character."