'The Dead Don't Die' director Jim Jarmusch ''loves'' working with Bill Murray.

The 66-year-old filmmaker has praised the Hollywood legend for his ''hilarious'' performance in the upcoming zombie comedy film, which he wrote and directed and follows a group of small town's cops as they combat a sudden zombie invasion and insisted that the 68-year-old actor is ''such a human being'' in every character he plays.

In an interview with Empire, he said: ''Bill is such a human being in the characters he embodies and he can be so subtle, but it's that humanness ... I just love Bill Murray, as a person.

''And I love working with him. When he's clowning around, he's hilarious, but he's also the most generous person in the world with other humans. On 'Broken Flowers' I had to pull him back to the set, because he was helping elderly people put luggage in the trunk of their car.''

Bill stars alongside Adam Driver, Selena Gomez and Chloe Sevigny in the new film and Chloe, 44, previously revealed that Jim wanted the movie to encourage viewers to ''think more about empathy'' and she feels ''we're living in the zombie apocalypse now'' as the rise in social media means individuals aren't ''connecting on like a real level to one another''.

She said: ''Jim wants us to think more about like empathy, what we can do to help others. I mean, to me, I always think like we're living in the zombie apocalypse now with people in their phones, and people just are like not connecting on like a real level to one another - and it's terrifying.''