Jimmy Choo's 15th anniversary will be marked by a new coffee table book.

The shoe firm's rise from the workshop of a small cobbler to favourite of celebrities the world over will be charted in 'Jimmy Choo XV'.

Colin McDowell writes in the foreword: "Once upon a time there was a shoemaker working in the East End of London.

"In the West End of London was a beautiful and clever young woman who specialised in accessories - and especially shoes - in her work for a very famous and glamorous magazine.

"The shoemaker was Jimmy Choo; the beautiful and clever young woman is Tamara Mellon; the magazine, British Vogue. The rest is, as they say, history."

Company CEO Tamara Mellon also contributed to the book, revealing The Firm gives every shoe its own female identity and back story.

She explained: "We give them all names, and call them 'she'.

"The icons that I set out to highlight in this book take their cue from the women that inspire me in my life, but they are the shoes themselves.

"Around the office, we refer to the shoe styles as 'She', endowing them with a personality, life, and story all their own. 'Glenys' is attending an art opening before she hopes the Eurostar back to London. 'Macy' is headed into hair and makeup before she hits the step and repeat.

"'Fleur' has a board meeting this morning followed by lunch with her banker. Amongst the thousands of shoes that have been created, each has her own story. When they are launched into the world, the women that wear the shoes add their own stories.