Joanna Lumley felt pressured to strip for a film role in 1971.

The 71-year-old actress - who is hosting this year's BAFTA Awards in London on Sunday night (18.02.18) - has revealed she felt she needed to take her clothes off in the comedy movie 'Games That Lovers Play', in which she appeared alongside Penny Brahms as a brothel owner, in order to progress her career.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, Joanna explained: ''In those days if you were an actress you had to take you top off or they would have said you're not a real actress.

''I got my top off. We had to. Look, Diana Rigg has done it. Julie Christie has done it.''

The veteran star decided against refusing to appear topless, because she feared it would damage her reputation as an actress.

Joanna said: ''That was a tough one as I had not gone to drama school. I was afraid they'd say, 'If you don't take your top off you're not serious about your profession.'''

Then, in reference to the accusations made against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, she reflected: ''It is quite interesting in these Weinstein days.''

Joanna also revealed that the makers of the little-known movie made a concerted effort to ensure it was ''seedier'' than had been originally intended.

She shared: ''It was a comedy about two cat houses competing over who had the best girl in their brothel.

''They decided to make it a bit seedier and called it 'Games That Lovers Play'. It was very odd. During the making of the comedy it had a sleazier feel to it. It did have a premiere in High Street Kensington but I don't think it was seen again.''