Joanna Lumley only uses her mobile phone to pay for parking.

The 71-year-old actress has admitted she hates using her mobile device and only turns to it when it's absolutely necessary.

She explained: ''I think we are all trapped by technology into doing far more than we should. I do have a mobile phone, because I need it to pay for parking.

''But I will turn it on, let it warm up, use it to park, then switch it off.''

The 'Absolutely Fabulous' star - who has been married to music conductor Stephen Barlow since 1986 - has bemoaned humans being ''turned into servants by technology''.

In fact, Joanna revealed that she and her husband never send text messages to each other.

Speaking to Prima magazine, the actress shared: '''The thought of being called all day long and then coming home to 88 emails makes me shudder. We've all been turned into servants by technology.

''Stephen and I never send each other texts. You don't need to communicate all the time.''

As well as shunning technology, Joanna also revealed she never goes to the gym, saying her active lifestyle is all that she needs to remain in good health.

She said: ''I never, ever exercise. I live in a tall house, I take the Tube, I walk and I garden. I didn't need to go to the gym in the 1960s - in fact, the gym didn't exist.

''And we ate less back then, too, because we ate food that was in season - an imported orange was a bit of exotica.''

Despite this, Joanna previously admitted to thinking about death ''every day''.

But that attitude has also helped Joanna to ensure she doesn't ''waste'' her life away, she said.