Joanna Lumley feels actresses will feel pressured to wear black at the BAFTAs in a show of solidarity with the Golden Globes effort.

The 71-year-old actress - who is poised to host this year's awards ceremony - believes the stars may feel a responsibility to continue with the protest against sexual harassment and abuse, even though she would prefer them to wear some colour.

Joanna explained: ''At the Globes, if you weren't wearing black you were virtually saying, 'I am Harvey Weinstein's mistress'.

''Everybody will be in black out of terror, even though I would love to wear a colour.''

The British star insisted that flamboyance is a fundamental part of the entertainment industry, and it's something Joanna is determined to ''celebrate''.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I love flamboyance and our industry and I want to celebrate it.''

French actress Catherine Deneuve recently issued an apology after she claimed that the campaign against sexual harassment and abuse had gone too far.

And Joanna has now joked that she will be ''bringing the nuns'' with her to this year's BAFTAs, which is being held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on February 18.

She said: ''She is a cool, fabulous woman. She won't insult anybody and yet they found that to be a shocking thing to say so she had to back-pedal.

''So with all that action I am bringing the nuns along.''

Joanna was recently announced as the first female host of the awards bash since Mariella Frostrup, who co-presented with Stephen Fry back in 2001.

Speaking about the honour, she said earlier this month: ''Honestly, how exciting is this? It's just so unbelievably thrilling. Who thought I'd turn into Stephen Fry?

''I want to thank BAFTA so much for asking me to do this. I said yes indecently quickly.''