Joe Jonas has told US President Donald Trump to ''stay the f**k out of England'' following recent protests against the billionaire.

The 28-year-old singer made the call during his appearance at BST Hyde Park on Saturday (14.07.18), where he told the crowd in London that although he's not from the UK, he supports the recent protests against Trump's visit to the country.

Joe - who was performing as part of his pop band DNCE - told the crowd: ''There was a bit of an anti rally here yesterday, wasn't there? Look, I'm not from here, but I'll say it too. Stay the f**k out of England, Trump.''

Joe was supported at the festival by his brother Nick, and prior to the show, he revealed he was looking forward to playing in London once again.

Asked whether Nick and his new girlfriend, actress Priyanka Chopra, would be at Hyde Park, he told ''Nick might be showing up, but she can't make it.

''But we've got friends, family, people we met today. More importantly the crowd. That's going to be our family tonight, we haven't played a show here since two years ago.''

Asked how Nick and Priyanka's relationship is developing, he added: ''I assume it's going well!''

Meanwhile, the Indian actress recently revealed she wants to get married.

The 'Quantico' star ''loves the idea'' of committing herself to someone for the rest of her life, and insists getting wed is not an unfeminist choice.

She said: ''I love the idea of getting married. I totally want to get married at some point.

''And I don't think marriage makes you smaller or bigger or more feminist or not. Feminism basically is women saying give us our own choices without judging us. That's all it is. It's not about berating someone. It's not about proving a point. I totally would love to get married.''