Joe Jonas says it would be a ''dream'' to duet with Kacey Musgraves.

The DNCE singer is huge fan of the country star - who released her third album 'Golden Hour' in March - and would love to team up with her on a song.

Asked if it's on the cards, Joe said: ''I would love that. That would be amazing. I am a huge Kacey Musgraves fan. Doing a collaboration with her a duet would be a dream.''

The 28-year-old star shot to fame in Jonas Brothers in 2005, along with brothers Nick and Kevin Jonas, but he says a reunion won't be happening anytime soon as they are all ''focused'' on their own careers and lives.

Joe - who is engaged to 'Game of Thrones' actress Sophie Turner - told E! News; ''I think right now we are all focused on our individual careers and personal lives.

''We get to be brothers and that's something that want to really be the forefront of who we are as people. I think right now we are doing our own thing. You can never say never but we are going to stay focused on our individual stuff.''

However, Joe previously admitted that he hadn't ruled out the idea completely.

Speaking in 2015, the 'Cake By The Ocean' hitmaker said the 'Lovebug' group - who disbanded in 2013 - could easily record a new LP together in the future because they still ''get along'' well and there was no animosity when they split.

He said: ''Seeing where things will lead us. It's easy to say we're done and that we're never doing it again, but then we both look at each other and go, 'We obviously get along.' And who knows - years from now we could be like, 'All right, let's make a record.' It could easily happen.''

The trio released four albums during their eight years together, their last record was 2009's 'Lines, Vines and Trying Times'.