Veteran movie director Joel Schumacher has defended party-animal COLIN FARRELL's behaviour as normal for a man of his age.

And the LOST BOYS director - who worked with Irish hunk Colin on 2000's TIGERLAND - accuses Hollywood of not liking honesty in its stars.

He says, "I guess people in Hollywood don't know any 26-year-old men. I mean, even the girls are like that in Dublin.

"And you know, his publicist and his agent are constantly calling me, saying, 'Joel, Colin won't listen to us. You have to stop him.'

"I'll say, 'Stop him from what?' They say, 'He doesn't know how to give interviews.'

"I say, 'No, you mean he doesn't know how to lie. So why do you want to turn him into this...this...spin machine."

25/07/2003 17:02