Director Joel Schumacher has criticised Warner Bros Pictures for deciding to make a direct-to-DVD sequel to his 1987 vampire flick The Lost Boys. The veteran film-maker has been trying to convince the studio to make an all-female spin-off for years, but he insists the straight sequel will be a disaster because all the characters from the original movie are either dead or too old to appear in a second movie. He says, "I told them to do THE LOST GIRLS and not do a The Lost Boys sequel. There is no The Lost Boys sequel. All the boys are dead. The Two COREYS (HAIM and FELDMAN) are too old. So what would be the movie? You'd have to make up a whole new set of characters. "I said, 'Do gorgeous teenage biker chicks who are vampires. It'll be great.' But they don't listen to me." THE LOST BOYS 2 will be filmed in San Diego, California later this year (07).