In June (15), the Alien star announced he was battling pancreatic cancer, but he was given the all-clear in October (15) following months of treatment.

Hurt, 75, has now revealed he maintained a positive outlook following his diagnosis and never considered the possibility that he might die from the disease.

During an interview with Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper, Hurt declares, "I'm completely in remission," before admitting he is feeling better than ever.

Although the cancer was "a nasty one", Hurt maintained hope the disease would disappear, adding, "People say it's the attitude. But I don't put on an attitude. I just knew it (the cancer) wasn't supposed to be there. You think: well, supposing it hadn't gone away - people would just think you were in denial and rather silly.

"Just like footballers, when they take a long shot and it goes nowhere near the goal, people say, 'Oh well how ridiculous, such an ambitious shot from such a long way out'. But if it goes in, they say, 'What a goal!'"