The hot-tempered sportsman, whose on-court phrase became "You cannot be serious" as he challenged umpires' decisions, is far from impressed with the casting of Borg vs MCEnroe, telling he has never spoken to the Transformers star.

"I've never talked to him, so I don't know how he could play me," the tennis great says, joking, "Supposedly he's (LaBeouf) crazy, so maybe that works."

"I don't know if they are planning on doing the whole movie without input or any type of arrangement from me or Bjorn (Borg)," he adds. "I haven't seen anything, and they've already started the movie. It doesn't seem like they are all that interested in talking with me. I don't know how you can do it without ever meeting me.

"Maybe you could talk to a few of my friends. I can barely remember what I was like 36 years ago, when I was 21-years-old. It could be entertaining. If it's good, it'd be cool. Let's hope."

Swedish actor Sverrir Gudnason has been cast as MCEnroe's tennis nemesis Bjorn Borg in the film.

The U.S. tennis ace fears both he and LaBeouf will look like "actors who can't play".

"How in the hell is an actor going to do it on a court?" MCEnroe asks the outlet. "It looks fake... You see these guys, they go out there and they barely even know how to play tennis. Hopefully they're focusing on stuff off the court.

"Unless they intertwine it (with) real footage. Then it would be cool, maybe."