Retired tennis ace John McEnroe is eyeing a new career in radio, following the failure of his TV talk show.

McENROE sparked hopes for talk show success when it was launched in the summer of 2004 but by the end of the year it was cancelled.

And while the ratings were shown to be dismal during the nightly show's brief run, McEnroe believes his duties as a father led bosses to assume he didn't care about his job.

He says, "It was a good experience. I got the axe after six months. It was a lot harder (than I thought it would be). I have a great deal more respect (for talk show hosts). "I would try to get there as early as I could and stay as late, but I wanted to try to get back. I have six kids, I wanted to get back for dinner at times and they thought I just not taking it seriously enough...

"I'd like to do it again... It's a little too much doing that many shows a week. I mean, I wanted to have some type of life. I'm thinking radio, though. I like radio. I think that you can do it from different locations... Having said that, they're not knocking my doors down with offers."