Former tennis champ John McEnroe wants the world to know he has matured since his battling days with ex-wife Tatum O'neal. MCEnroe was ordered to attend anger management two years ago (04) during an explosive custody battle over his three children with O'Neal. The tennis commentator now shares custody of his children with his ex-wife, who was the youngest person to ever win a competitive Oscar for her performance in Paper Moon. MCEnroe says he hopes he matured in the years following their divorce and can understand where the anger was coming from. He says, "I have been to psychiatrists and psychologists and anger management this, that and the other thing but I don't know if I've found them tremendously successful. "Hopefully I have matured a bit and if these people have been even a tiny bit of help, it has been worth it. My desire and passion fuelled my success, but then if you take it too far it becomes a negative."