Former tennis ace John McEnroe has reignited his feud with Serena Williams, claiming the sportswoman should stay away from fashion and films. While Williams' sister VENUS stays more focused on the sport, Serena indulges her passion for fashion with her clothes line Aneres and has appeared in episodes or E.R., LAW + ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and MY WIFE AND KIDS. MCEnroe has often criticised the Williams sisters in the past, saying, "They are all as cold as ice," and, "Nor do I particularly want to have anything to do with them until they start to show people in the sport a little more respect." MCEnroe says, "I can't say that I'm getting on with them that well. "Venus is respectful. "It's a shame that Serena's priority seems to have been design clothes and act rather than play tennis. "But I think she'll realise that she's never going to be the new Meryl Streep."