Review of Happy Together Single by Johnny Panic

Johnny Panic
Happy Together
Single Review

Johnny Panic Happy Together Single

Cover versions. Some of them are funny. Lawnmower Deth singing "Kids in America.' That's genuinely funny. Some of them are clever. "Suicide is Painless' covered by the Manic Street Preachers is clever and appropriate. Most covers it has to be said though, are just plain pointless. Why not simply write your own songs?

A slightly unforgiving view, yes, but if you are looking to promote the slick sounds of your latest album, why do it with the release of a cover?

Here Johnny Panic manage to run through a workmanlike rendition of the Turtles classic in a slightly pop-punk fashion, leaving an unrewarding aftertaste.

Sad really, given that the B side, "I Live For' is a marvellously staccato, melodic romp of a track with hooky choruses that lurk just on the right side of saccharine. Oh well, they probably know what they're doing.

Richard Edge

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