Jordan Peele fears falling short of fan expectations with his new movie project.

The 40-year-old director has admitted to feeling anxious prior to the release of his directorial debut 'Get Out' in 2017, and Jordan feels similarly nervous about the reaction towards the new psychological horror 'Us'.

He reflected: ''You know, it doesn't feel too different.

''With 'Get Out', I had the fear that if it went wrong, it would go terribly wrong. I don't have that fear with this movie, but of course there's the fear of betraying the expectations of somebody who wants, essentially, 'Get Out 2', and what happens when they realise this is a very, very different movie.''

Jordan explained that race issues are less prominent in 'Us' compared to his directorial debut.

And the acclaimed filmmaker is confident that it will throw up a few surprises for the audience.

He told the Guardian newspaper: ''Scores of people will walk into this movie waiting for the racial commentary, and when it doesn't come in the form they're looking for, they'll be forced to ask themselves: 'Why did I think a movie with black people had to be about blackness?'''

'Us' stars Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke star as Adelaide and Gabe Wilson, who visit their beach house in California with their two children and are terrorised by some unexpected visitors.

Teasing the film, Jordan previously said: ''This movie was a way to say, 'What if the intruder is us? Maybe the monster has our face, and we're so obsessed with some unrecognisable monster that we've been blinded to the real one.'''