Jordan Peele wants to ''make the scariest movie ever made''.

The acclaimed horror director - who is best known for 2017's Academy Award-winning 'Get Out' and this year's hit film 'Us' - teased that although he's ''yet to try'' to make the ''scariest movie ever made'' he's got plenty of ideas for a project which will completely ''haunt'' audiences.

In an interview with Empire magazine, he said: ''I have yet to try and make the scariest movie ever made. I have some ideas. At some point you will see me offering into the world of something that will truly haunt. With a capital H.

''And that movie is gonna be the one I expect horror audiences to want to see, and the rest of the world to say 'No I'm good.'

''There are some movies, like 'The Exorcist' or 'The Shining' 'The Blair Witch Project', 'Paranormal Activity' that are just chilling above all else. And I wanna make a movie like that too.''

The 'Key & Peele' star - who is also rebooting the 1990s horror franchise 'Candyman' - went on to explain that he's seen some ''really special'' films recently and feels the horror genre is a good place to ''show off an artistry and commitment to a cinematic experience''.

He said: ''There have been some really special horror movies over the last five years, starting with David Robert Mitchell's 'It Follows', Jennifer Kent's 'The Babadoook' was a special movie for me.

''There are some really beautiful horror films that to me show off an artistry and commitment to a cinematic experience that other genres haven't been able to match.''