Jordin Sparks says giving birth felt like a scene in a movie.

The 'No Air' hitmaker was in awe of the ''incredibly miraculous, beautiful moment'' when she welcomed her son, Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr., into the world earlier this month.

She said: ''It was just this incredibly miraculous, beautiful moment that I don't know could ever be duplicated or replicated. Like, you see it in movies, how emotional people get, but until you are actually sitting there, it's beyond anything I've ever felt in my life.''

However, the birth wasn't without complications and Jordin has revealed how the baby managed to get the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck.

She shared: ''The baby's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice. I didn't see it because I was facing the other way. He [Dana Sr., her husband] said it almost looked like a scarf - it was wrapped around his neck and body.

''Simone [the midwife] got the umbilical cord off really quickly, then the baby was good to go. He took his first breath and then [Dana Sr.] handed him to me.''

Jordin says ''everything'' and ''nothing'' change when she welcomed her son into the world.

She told People magazine: ''Everything changed, but almost nothing either, because this is what I was meant to do. I was meant to bring him into this world, and to be his mum.''

Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. - who will be known as DJ - arrived into the world on May 2 at 9:04pm at the Natural Birth Center & Women's Wellness in Los Angeles.