Jordin Sparks thinks her vocals have improved since she became a mother.

The 'One Step At a Time' hitmaker only welcomed her baby son DJ into the world four days ago with her husband Dana Isaiah, but she's already noticed a huge difference in her singing range and is now able to hit higher notes.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: ''It's different. Oddly enough he made me sing better. I was able to hit notes that I didn't think that I could. I wasn't expecting at all. [But] the love is different than anything that I have [ever felt]. I don't even know how to explain it. I can't. It's unreal and I know that I have way more inspiration. I was inspired by Dana last year and now we have our family and I'm inspired by that.''

And, although the 28-year-old singer is probably going to take some time off so she can focus on raising her son for the time being, she has admitted she and Dana - who got married in a secret ceremony last year - have been filming a TV show.

She explained: ''It's really exciting. I've had a number of opportunities to do a reality show. People have asked over the years and I've just been, like, 'No, no. It's not the right time.' I think now, with everything and how my life has shifted, when I met Dana I fell in love and it completely changed everything, and now with DJ, it's like OK.''

The brunette beauty has admitted her new series will give fans an insight into a side of her that she's never shown before but it has been ''exhausting'' to shoot.

She said: ''They [will] get to see just Jordin. Drop the Sparks and you just get to see Jordin, and you get to see Dana, and you get to see both of us together and how we interact. I'm super excited for people to see it.

''It's been a little exhausting. I'm not used to cameras all in my face all the time, but I think it's really going to show a good side of us.''

It's not yet known what the show is called or when it will hit television screens.