Josh Groban injured himself multiple times on the set of Netflix show 'The Good Cop'.

The 37-year-old singer has turned his hand to playing police officer Tony Caruso Jr. in the forthcoming series on the streaming service and whilst he admits it was great ''fun'', there were many risks involved, including being thrown around and shot at, which he thinks might be why he has a herniated disc and a spinal cyst.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: ''I had a lot of stunts. I chose to do them and they were a lot of fun to do.

''It's always great to get thrown around a kitchen.

''I don't get roughed up nearly enough in my day job so I decided to go for it.

''But I now have a herniated disc and a spinal cyst.

''They could be because of my number of things I did.

''I got thrown into a staircase, I got thrown around a kitchen, I got shot I was jumping over barrels.

''There were all kinds of things that happened where I ended up icing my bones.

''I didn't feel it at the time because the adrenaline was going.

''But then I went to see the back doctor and he was saying: 'You're pretty messed up.'''

However, the 'Muppets Most Wanted' star doesn't have any regrets about taking on the challenging role.

He said: ''It's been a lot of fun. It was a leap.

''But then everything I've done that had been fun was a risk.''

Josh recently admitted he has embraced the chance to do some ''weird stuff'' and is more open to different opportunities than he used to be.

On getting the chance to play an ''angelic'' cop, he said: ''My character is tone-deaf, though, so there's no angelic singing, at least.

''Look, there were many years where I might not have been comfortable being that earnest because I felt at the time that the whole picture of me wasn't entirely accurate.

''Now that I've been able to do some weird stuff, I feel lucky to have an opportunity to do something like this.

''And the difference is that I'm taking ownership of that perception -- I'm doing it in a tongue-in-cheek way.''