Josh Hutcherson once farted in Tom Hanks' face.

The 25-year-old actor has revealed he accidentally broke wind while he was working with the two-time Oscar winner on their 2004 animated movie 'The Polar Express'.

Recalling the embarrassing incident, Josh explained on 'The Late Late Show with James Cordon': ''We're shooting this scene where he's playing the hobo and he's on top of the train, skiing down, and I'm nestled under him, and we're like, 'Whoa, this is crazy.' I farted.''

Josh revealed his award-winning co-star didn't find the incident to be especially amusing at the time.

But looking back, the younger actor now considers the moment to be a ''rite of passage''.

He shared: ''I farted in the scene, it happened, I did it and instead of playing it cool, Tom Hanks is like, 'Whoa, whoa, oh my God, this kid, what the heck.' My first big movie and I just farted in his face.

''It was a rite of passage and looking back on it, it was very funny, but at that moment, I thought my face was gonna just start sweating blood.''

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Josh revealed that another of his co-stars, Selena Gomez, ''went all in'' while filming their ensemble movie 'In Dubious Battle'.

Josh claimed he could hear the brunette beauty ''screaming'' half a mile away while she was shooting a scene in which her character gives birth.

The Hollywood actor - who also made his directorial debut with the psychological drama 'Ape' earlier in 2017 - said: ''That was intense. She went for it. I wasn't in that scene but I was on set and you could her screaming and going for it a f**king half-mile away. She really went all in.''