Josh Hutcherson thinks James Franco is ''really honest and down-to-earth''.

The 26-year-old actor has worked with James on three movies - 'In Dubious Battle', 'The Disaster Artist', and 'The Long Home' - and says the ''biggest misconception'' about the actor is how people often think he can be ''hard to connect with'', when in actual fact he's ''a really good guy''.

He said: ''The biggest misconception about James is that some people find him like a little hard to connect with, but I can tell you, once you get inside the circle, he's like your best friend. He's a really good guy, really honest and extremely intelligent, down-to-earth.''

Josh also praised James' directing style, as he claimed the 40-year-old 'Deuce' star has an ''open process'' which allows his actors to give their own input into their roles.

Speaking on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen', Josh said: ''His directing style - he really wants actors to follow like their intuitions, so he's very much open to kind of having the actors kinda give their input. He has a very free, kind of like open process, which is lovely.''

The 'Hunger Games' star's comments come after he made his own directorial debut in 2017 with 'Ape' - which was part of a series of five shorts produced by the actor and his mother Michelle Hutcherson's Turkeyfoot Productions, Indigenous Media and Condé Nast Entertainment - and said he was keen to continue working behind the camera on more projects.

He said: ''I've always wanted to direct. Directing definitely preceded acting for me. Before I really actually started in the business, I was directing my friends in movies in Kentucky. But they hated every moment of it and would quit often, so I didn't finish one of those projects. Now I'm going for redemption. I'm absolutely addicted to directing.''