Joshua Jackson has jumped on board a campaign to save the oceans of the world.

The 38-year-old actor has agreed to lend his face and his voice to a new advert created by Oceana - the largest international organisation dedicated to ocean conservation - in honor of World Oceans Day on Thursday (08.06.17).

Speaking in the video campaign, he said: ''The health of the oceans affects all of us. It's amazing how interconnected we all are. When fish populations decline, it really impacts people and marine animals everywhere. Orcas in the Pacific Northwest rely on salmon for food. Fishers around the world feed their families with what they catch or sell. Restoring our oceans helps feed hungry people while supporting vibrant ecosystems. I am excited to work with Oceana so we can save the oceans and help feed the world.''

The 'Affair' hunk has always been amazed by oceans and their residents but feels sad that the conservation is something not many people are aware of or give thought to.

He explained: ''The oceans were an ever-present part of my childhood in Vancouver. Plus, the culture of the city is geared towards environmentalism and conservation; it just seemed natural to want to preserve the beauty we were surrounded with.''

Joshua will never forget the moment his breath was ''taken away'' when he witnessed a beautiful killer whale breach - leap out of the water - at the front of a boat he was working on

He recalled to Just Jared: ''Since we're on the topic of orcas - watching an orca breach about 50 yards off the bow of a boat I was working on just after the crack of dawn. It took my breath away to see the power and the grace that these animals have. The average person might only rarely glimpse the amazing world under the waves.''